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Goodwill provides educational services including financial and computer literacy, basic education and work adjustment training.

Continued Education

Are you an adult who needs to improve your math, communication, computer, financial literacy or reading comprehension skills? Then come to Goodwill.

This open enrollment program takes new students on a continual basis. For an individual to succeed in the workplace, he or she must have solid educational skills. Our classes help improve skills in math, reading, communication and comprehension so that the individual can achieve success.

Initially, the student’s skills are assessed and an individualized educational plan is created so that he or she can learn at a pace that is appropriate. Our instructors have experience with students with limited English.

This six-week course empowers students to update their computer skills with hands-on instruction. All graduates receive 12 hours Continuing Education credits through Richland College. Classes meet fours hours each day, Monday through Friday. Instructors provide daily lessons in a relaxed environment and allow time for participants to practice new skills at their own pace.

The class uses the most current Microsoft products. It also covers Internet, email systems, resume writing, job applications and sending documents as attachments. Classrooms are fully equipped with computers for each student. During the course students create documents vital to career success such as a resume, sample introduction and thank you letters and individual budget spreadsheets as well as how to conduct a job search using the Internet. All documents created in class are sent to the student’s personal email account for use throughout the job search.

This course empowers people to put together a budget and apply it in their daily lives. Students learn to distinguish between needs and wants and create a monthly budget using worksheets and software toolkits. The class identifies methods for students to save more of their income and create asset-building strategies.

This program addresses basics of money management. Topics covered include:

1. An introduction to bank services
2. Borrowing basics, and introduction to credit
3. How to choose and keep a checking account
4. How to keep track of your money
5. The importance of saving
6. Safeguarding tools and consumer protection rights
7. How your credit history will impact your future
8. Know what you are borrowing before you sign a contract
9. The basics of home ownership

Please contact Sheila Moten, Recruiter, at 214-638-2800 ext. 166 or smoten@goodwilldallas.org for more information.

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