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Goodwill Dallas Client Success Stories

Angelica’s Story

Written from the Perspective of Juan Ramon, Angelica’s father.

“Our child, Angelica, has Down Syndrome. Like with all children, there are good days and bad days and ups and downs, but Angelica keeps our eyes open by reminding us that she is capable of achieving great things, as if to say, “Don’t limit me”.

Raising a child with a disability isn’t easy. It takes many phone calls with schools, meetings with teachers, and even now, as our child is an adult, it still takes extra supervision, sensitivity and patience.

At times we questioned ourselves; “Is this the right service for Angelica? Should we push Angelica harder? What could we be doing better?” While we’ve had a lot of questions along the way, we’ve been sure about one thing—that here was this child we loved, and we had to do whatever we could to get her on a path to success. We have learned that with the right supports, children with disabilities can succeed.

Goodwill Dallas does not see Angelica for her disability. Hired by Goodwill over eight years ago, Angelica has the opportunity to get up and go to work. She is actively learning and engaged, giving her a sense of accomplishment and pride. It’s more than earning a paycheck; it’s the ability to participate in daily living and the enrichment of fundamental values that Angelica is gaining every day at Goodwill Dallas.

We are grateful for the opportunity Goodwill gives Angelica. To carry this forward we give back by helping other children with disabilities to find their own paths, so that every child with a disability has a voice and the gift of opportunity.

Chris' Story

At age five, Chris and his father were involved in a horrific car accident, which left him with permanent brain damage and fatherless. Aware at an early age of the challenges that he might face, Chris continued through adolescence and adulthood with the belief that he would not be held back by his disability. It was difficult to keep a job, so Chris turned to Goodwill Dallas for help. Since 2004, Chris has been employed in Goodwill’s Donated Goods Program. He grows stronger and more independent every day.

Damon's Story

Despite Damon’s battle with Crohn’s Disease, he desperately wanted to work to make a better life for himself. With zero access to a phone, internet, or email, no running water or electricity and no transportation, Damon did not know where to begin. He reached out to Goodwill for help. Goodwill’s Job Placement Specialist met with Damon once a week at a grocery store within one mile of his home, helping with resume writing, interviewing skills and applying for jobs. Several months later, Damon’s new future took shape as he secured a job in the warehouse of a local business within walking distance from his home. He has since opened his own bank account and now has a working telephone, water and electricity. His path ahead is much brighter thanks to his persistence and determination to find employment with the help of Goodwill.

Michael's Story

Michael, age 42, grew up in the projects of West Dallas and suffers from schizophrenia. One of seven children, he spent most of his childhood caring for his siblings. Upon coming to Goodwill in 2017, Michael had not held a job within the last 10 years. Goodwill’s Computer Literacy Program helped Michael to stand out amongst the work applicants improving his professional attire, building a professional resume and preparing with mock interviews. Michael recently accepted a position as a Customer Service Representative.

Paul's Story

Paul, age 52, worked for Goodwill for twenty-seven years in Goodwill’s Donated Goods Program. When Paul came to Goodwill he could barely speak and when he did, it was often hard to understand him. Quiet, reserved and often overwhelmed by interactions with others, his family feared that he was destined to live a life of isolation, misunderstood because of his disability. Goodwill offers a place to work and a place to belong, giving his single-mother peace of mind, but more importantly the ability for her to go out and earn an income to provide for their family.

Vicky's Story

Vicky, a hardworking woman in her mid-fifties, had over 20 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry when disaster struck. She suffered a severe accident leaving her unable to work and with overwhelming medical debt. When Vicky attempted to re-enter the workforce, she lacked the computer skills needed in today’s job market. As Vicky explained, “I had to find work, but I did not have a degree or the computer skills that my level of work now required. I needed to learn new skills.” Referred by a friend to Goodwill Dallas, Vicky completed Goodwill’s Computer Literacy Program. Confident in her newfound abilities, She stated, “With Goodwill, there was never the question of ‘if’ I would get a job, but rather ‘when’ I would get a job.” Very shortly after leaving Goodwill Vicky secured a job as a receptionist and is now well on her way back to self-sufficiency.

Shay's Story

Shay, age 17, was born into generational poverty. One of five children, her mother was only fourteen years old when she gave birth to Shay. At the age of five, Shay began caring for her younger siblings, while her father worked two jobs and her mother a part-time job to make ends meet. Later removed from the home by CPS, Shay moved in with her grandmother, completed secondary school, but struggled in high school. At risk for making harmful choices, she turned to Goodwill’s GoodGuides® Youth Mentoring Program. GoodGuides® certified Mentors provided one-on-one and group mentoring activities to help Shay prepare for school completion, Postsecondary training and productive work alongside developing relationships with caring adults who helped her to see her strengths and connect to the community in a meaningful way.

Jose & Aurora's Story

Jose and Aurora, two 60-year-old Filipino immigrants, were two of more than 600,000 people evacuated from the Philippines in 2014 when a massive typhoon devastated nearly 40 million people. Aurora, a nurse by trade, lacked the necessary credentials to work in the U.S., while Jose’s limited computer skills proved challenging in today’s job market. Goodwill’s Job Connection Center provided in-person and individualized job search assistance and counseling, skill and interest assessments, and helped with resume preparation and interviewing skills. With Goodwill’s help, Aurora secured a job as a personal care aide for a continuing care retirement community and Jose a janitorial position with the local Independent School District.

Eboni's Story

Eboni is the youngest of three children, the only girl and the only child with disabilities. Her mother recognized early on that Eboni needed more than a traditional school setting could provide. She explained, “Children with disabilities” are the most beautiful children, but I learned early on that they are also more vulnerable.” She came to realize that it was her duty to give Eboni every opportunity to become the best person she was capable of being. Goodwill understands Eboni’s needs, providing a safe haven for her to learn and grow. For Eboni and her family, “Goodwill is a blessing.” Each day she is surrounded by people who understand the uniqueness and obstacles of individuals with disabilities, the pain of isolation and the healing power of inclusion in our community. Eboni has been employed by Goodwill for over ten years and hates to miss a day. Goodwill gives Eboni a sense of pride and of self-worth through work.

Donald 's Story

“No one would hire me because of my criminal background. Goodwill gave me a chance when no one else would. I’ve worked at Goodwill Dallas for eight years and I’ve learned so much. I’ve been promoted several times starting as a Dock Worker then a Network Technician, and now I am a Supervisor of my own department. Some people think that once you’ve done a bad thing, you’re bad forever. However, if you have a desire to change and become a productive member of our society, and if it comes from the heart then it can be done.”

John Michael's Story

“I’ve always had an interest to work on computers but without real work experience my dream could be only a hobby. Goodwill Dallas allowed me to volunteer in their computer department and then hired me as their Computer Technician. Goodwill trained me and gave me the tools to grow within the computer industry. Goodwill allows me to do the thing I love the most, which in my eyes makes me successful.”

David's Story

“I needed a job. I wanted to work. My dream is to be independent. As a person with a disability, finding employment was difficult. Goodwill helped me achieve my dream—hiring me for my first job. I’ve grown within the company and continue to move up. Now, I’m more independent.”

Clint's Story

“My dream is to become a cosmetologist and a business owner. But, my dream is impossible without a high school diploma. Goodwill works with me every day to help prepare me to take the GED. One day my dream can become a reality because of Goodwill.”