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Mission Advancement Society

Your donated goods provide jobs through the collection, processing and reselling of goods.

Whether it’s the clerk at our retail store, the donation attendant at our donation trailer, the processor at our warehouse or the truck driver transporting material donations to our headquarters, each position is a job created to put more North Texas residents back to work.


For many years, Goodwill has placed donation trailers on the parking lots of commercial businesses, at no cost. As areas develop and grow, these donated sites are becoming obsolete.


Innovate, Sustain and Grow, expanding into areas north and east of central Dallas. Goodwill responded by creating Three in Ones, consisting of a valet donation center, retail store and Job Connection Center, to create more jobs and employ more people.

“Don’t limit me.”

Raising a child with a disability isn’t easy. It takes many phone calls with schools, meetings with teachers, and even now, as our child is an adult, it still takes extra supervision, sensitivity and patience.

Goodwill Dallas does not see Angelica for her disability. Hired by Goodwill over eight years ago, Angelica has the opportunity to get up and go to work.

Funding for capital projects relies on philanthropy. Gifts to the Mission Advancement Campaign now stand at $6.3 million and have provided over 605 jobs through the opening of five new facilities in Dallas, Garland, Lewisville, Plano and Allen. These donors have enhanced our community through their ability, dedication and service to our mission.

“We want shoppers who come to our stores to realize that when they make a purchase at Goodwill, they’re not only getting a ‘Goodwill original’ at an outstanding price, but they are helping to transform lives with each purchase,” Ashleigh Hughes, Vice President of Development and Marketing said.

All cumulative donations exceeding $10,000 receive recognition through the Mission Advancement Society, a special major donor recognition acknowledgment space located prominently within and throughout Goodwill Dallas.

Major Donors

  • The David B. Miller Family Foundation
  • Estate of Adelyn J. Hoffman
  • Hamon Charitable Foundation
  • Harold Simmons Foundation
  • The Hillcrest Foundation
  • The Hoblitzelle Foundation
  • The Perot Foundation
  • The Pollock Foundation
  • Ben E. Keith Foundation
  • The Constantin Foundation
  • The Hawn Foundation
  • The Hoglund Foundation
  • The Meadows Foundation
  • Pat & Jane Bolin Family Fund
  • Theodore & Beulah Beasley Foundation, Inc.
  • The Pollock Foundation
  • The Rees-Jones Foundation
  • Diane and John Scovell
  • R. Brock Compton
  • Kelly Compton
  • JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  • Merrie Ann and Frank A. King
  • Elizabeth and Jack Wahlquist
  • The Dallas Foundation
  • Kristina Z. and John Hallam
  • The Rosewood Foundation
  • Marcellene and Stephen Sands
  • Robert S. Williams
  • Temple and Mickey Ashmore
  • Bank of Texas, NA
  • Suzanne M. and Lance Charriere
  • Lucky and R. Brooks Cullum, Jr.
  • Dian Graves Owen Foundation
  • Melinda and John Dickerson
  • Linda and Jerry Farrington
  • FCM Investments
  • The George and Fay Young Foundation, Inc.
  • Lorraine Hitch
  • James M. Collins Foundation
  • Suzanne and James M. Johnston
  • The Kroger Co.
  • Sarah and Alan Losinger
  • Reba and Richard Martin
  • The Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation
  • Erle Nye
  • Roy & Christine Sturgis Charitable & Educational Trust
  • Pat and Pete Schenkel
  • Jane and Henry Smith
  • Betsy and James Sowell

By making a financial gift to Goodwill Dallas, you are a job creator.

We put people to work. We strengthen families. We build dreams.