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Celebrate with a Gift of Thanks and Hope Honoring Individuals with Disabilities!

Goodwill’s greeting card collection features 12 unique works of art created by Goodwill’s clients. For a gift of $25 you can amplify the talents of individuals with disabilities, while supporting Goodwill Industries of Dallas Foundation!

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Breaking Barriers Through Art

Clients explored their artistic side through creative expression, designed to enhance social, emotional and communication skills vital to success in work and life. Twelve artworks were selected for Goodwill’s annual greeting card package with all proceeds benefiting the Goodwill Dallas Foundation.

“People with disabilities are usually dealing with situations that are beyond their control. Art puts the power back into the individuals’ hands. When they are creating art, our clients are in control of what they are doing. This sense of control helps those with limitations by providing a realization that they have a choice in how they relate to their disability”.

– Kamala Kannan, Vice President of Workforce Development.