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Youth College Readiness & Mentoring Programs

We help youth develop skills needed to be successful in life.

GED and College Preparation

Are you an out- of- school teenager wanting a new direction in life? We can help you prepare for the GED and college entrance tests. Our program is focused on a fun, safe and structured learning environment. You can expect to participate in career surveys, explore new technologies and research jobs of the future. We assist with GED test fees. Our case managers can refer you to housing, childcare and other services.

We will help you enroll in college, find employment or identify occupational training programs that meet your program goals.

For services, contact our Youth Program Coordinator:
214-638-2800 x 171

Youth Mentoring Services

GoodGuides® youth mentoring program is a national initiative that helps youth ages 14-17 prepare for school completion, develop work skills, and identify career paths and transition to post- secondary opportunities.

Did you know that youth who engage with positive role models are more likely to complete high school, enter college, and access employment that launches them into a career for life? Our mentoring program provides you with community and career connections that prevent susceptibility to unemployment, delinquency, dropping out of school, and poverty.

For services, contact our Program Manager:
214-638-2800 x146