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Adult Education

In 2013, an adult between the ages of 24- 34, with a high school education earned a median income of $ 30,000 when compared to only $ 23,940 in wages for a worker without a GED or high school credential. - Source

We offer instructor facilitated GED and Basic Education classes for adults in a state of the lab computer lab with flexible schedules to meet your needs. We will help you define goals, raise your test scores and ensure preparedness, all in a supportive environment.

Computer Applications

Ever wondered how to create that professional resume or read a budget? Look no further; this program will make you stand out from the crowd of job contenders.

Learn to touch type, create, edit and manage documents. Classes are led by an experienced instructor and graduates earn Continuing Education Unit Credits from Richland Community College.

Our job placement staff will assist with your employment needs and make referrals to additional resources. We will introduce you to educational institutions and will assist with your financial aid application (FAFSA).

For eligibility and program information contact our Recruiter:
214-638-2800 x 166