Goodwill Dallas Advertising Opportunities and In-Kind Donations

Advertising Opportunities & In-Kind Donations

The Edmund M. Hoffman Giving Circle Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities Leave a Legacy

Sponsor a Trailer

Goodwill Dallas offers advertising space on its new trailer wraps. These wraps feature bright, vibrant colors and large space for your company's logo. Better than a billboard, the trailers are moved among our Attended Donation Center Sites and Donation Trailers, so you get advertising in various areas of the community. For more information on pricing and longevity of advertising, please contact Ashleigh Hughes at 214-638-2800 or by email at

In-kind Material and Equipment Donations

Goodwill Dallas welcomes in-kind material donations of equipment and other goods for use in its warehouse and fulfillment operations. To learn more about the types of material, equipment and other in-kind items needed by the organization, please contact Brandi Johnson by phone at 214-638-2800 or by email at

Donald McNeal

Donald's Story

“No one would hire me because of my criminal background. Goodwill gave me a chance when no one else would. I’ve worked at Goodwill Dallas for 8 years and I’ve learned so much.

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