Women handing man stuff for donation

Special donation drive events can be hosted for several reasons and by many different organizations.

Ideas for hosting a drive:

· Campus Move-Out
· Church and School Drives
· Community Garage Sales
· E-Cycling Drives
· Go Green Drives
· Seasonal Clean-up/Clothing Drives

Earth Day events throughout month of April

· Apartment Drives
· HOA Drives
· and more...Be creative!

Who can host a drive:

· Cities
· Corporate Offices
· Businesses
· Home Owners Associations
· Churches Schools (public & private)
· Universities
· Clubs / Associations
· Government Agencies
· and more...

Donation Drive Process: To find out more or schedule a drive, contact us!


"Don't limit me."

Raising a child with a disability isn’t easy. It takes many phone calls with schools, meetings with teachers, and even now, as our child is an adult, it still takes extra supervision, sensitivity and patience.

Goodwill Dallas does not see Angelica for her disability. Hired by Goodwill over eight years ago, Angelica has the opportunity to get up and go to work.

Read more about Angelica's story by clicking here.

Goodwill Dallas is thankful to their corporate citizens