Goodwill Dallas Client Success Stories

Goodwill Dallas Client Success Stories


Angelica’s Story

Written from the Perspective of Juan Ramon, Angelica’s father.

“Our child, Angelica, has Down Syndrome. Like with all children, there are good days and bad days and ups and downs, but Angelica keeps our eyes open by reminding us that she is capable of achieving great things, as if to say “Don’t limit me”.

Raising a child with a disability isn’t easy. It takes many phone calls with schools, meetings with teachers, and even now, as our child is an adult, it still takes extra supervision, sensitivity and patience.

At times we questioned ourselves; “Is this the right service for Angelica? Should we push Angelica harder? What could we be doing better?” While we’ve had a lot of questions along the way, we’ve been sure about one thing—that here was this child we loved, and we had to do whatever we could to get her on a path to success. We have learned that with the right supports, children with disabilities can succeed.

Goodwill Dallas does not see Angelica for her disability. Hired by Goodwill over eight years ago, Angelica has the opportunity to get up and go to work. She is actively learning and engaged, giving her a sense of accomplishment and pride. It’s more than earning a paycheck; it’s the ability to participate in daily living and the enrichment of fundamental values that Angelica is gaining every day at Goodwill Dallas.

We are grateful for the opportunity Goodwill gives Angelica. To carry this forward we give back by helping other children with disabilities to find their own paths, so that every child with a disability has a voice and the gift of opportunity.

Donald McNeal's Story

Donald 's Story

“No one would hire me because of my criminal background. Goodwill gave me a chance when no one else would. I’ve worked at Goodwill Dallas for 8 years and I’ve learned so much. I’ve been promoted several times starting as a Dock Worker then a Network Technician, and now I am a Supervisor of my own department. Some people think that once you’ve done a bad thing, you’re bad forever. However, if you have a desire to change and become a productive member of our society, and if it comes from the heart then it can be done.”

John Michael's Story

John Michael's Story

“I’ve always had an interest to work on computers but without real work experience my dream could be only a hobby. Goodwill Dallas allowed me to volunteer in their computer department and then hired me as their Computer Technician. Goodwill trained me and gave me the tools to grow within the computer industry. Goodwill allows me to do the thing I love the most, which in my eyes makes me successful.”

David-Cruise's Story

David's Story

“I needed a job. I wanted to work. My dream is to be independent. As a person with a disability, finding employment was difficult. Goodwill helped me achieve my dream—hiring me for my first job. I’ve grown within the company and continue to move up. Now, I’m more independent.”

Clint Andrew's Story

Clint's Story

“My dream is to become a Cosmetologist and a business owner. But, my dream is impossible without a high school diploma. Goodwill works with me every day to help prepare me to take the GED. One day my dream can become a reality because of Goodwill.”